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Passenger cars - Car and Van rental
Our continuously updated carpool offers you a large number of cars of different brands and sizes.
Your car broke down or you just had a road accident? Then we can offer you a fast solution in order to keep you mobile.

You are planning a family holiday but your car just isn’t the right choice for a long journey? Then contact us and we will offer you the solution that best suits your needs. On top of the car itself, we can offer you numerous options, such as a roof box to store extra luggage and ski equipment, snow chains for winter holidays, a mobile satnav etc.

You plan to go on a trip with your club buddies or with your friends and you prefer to travel all together in one vehicle? Then rent one of our vans with up to 9 seats, which you can still drive with your class B driving licence.

You are invited to an important event and you would like to turn up in a barely used or in a classy car? Then let us help you and get one of our high-end cars.

You can’t or you don’t want to pay the own-risk deposit? Then, in most cases, we can help you to avoid any own-risk amount in case of an accident by paying a little extra.

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